Stable branch

This is the "stable" branch of the next flatnuke version, it's directly build from CVS tree. It can include some third part patches and its release is subordinate to some verification test. It may contain some back-porting of the developing branch.
Filename MD5 Date Size
flatnuke-4.0.0-20170120.tar.gzA96794DA85A059FC32E2ACC6AF0813B8 21/01/2017 05:32:591.58 Mb
flatnuke-4.0.0-20170107.tar.gz2F02857EFC28FDAEE1C792CC2982564A 08/01/2017 05:46:211.58 Mb
flatnuke-4.0.0-20161230.tar.gz425E4DFC66CD90E42B4BF2BB5F0B3067 31/12/2016 02:53:321.57 Mb
flatnuke-4.0.0-20141116.tar.gzF9B1FBE0EBE07CF2C356084DF43652B0 16/11/2014 20:24:571.28 Mb
flatnuke-4.0.0-20140603.tar.gzBBCF731CED2A61BAF7370C3C53BE1FC2 04/06/2014 05:40:281.28 Mb
flatnuke-4.0.0-20131214.tar.gzF650DA5D54E68A0FF1FD76CF4893C366 14/12/2013 21:43:291.12 Mb

Developing branch

This is the "developing" branch of a not-so-next flatnuke version, it derives from stable CVS version and it may contain some implementations that must be tested for long time. So it's usually an unstable version. DO NOT USE! If you are developer you can test it and report bug, fixes and improvements.
Filename MD5 Date Size
No file has been released ------------------ ------------------ ------------------

Making a patch:
1) Download the latest stable snapshot
2) $ tar vfxz flatnuke-x.y.z-date.tar.gz
3) $ mv flatnuke flatnuke-patch
4) $ tar vfxz flatnuke-x.y.z-date.tar.gz
5) modify files in flatnuke-patch
6) $ diff -Naur flatnuke flatnuke-patch > mypatch.diff
7) $ gzip mypatch.diff
8) send patch as attachment to <simone_vellei at users dot sf dot net>

Flatnuke patch script (by Marco Segato)
$ ./
Script that helps you on the process to create a patch for FlatNuke
Author: Marco Segato  -  Version: 1.0_20050702  -  License: GNU GPL {--prep | --diff | --gzip | --clean | --help} [dev]

    --prep    p     prepare the environment to work on
    --diff    d     check the difference between two directories
    --gzip    g     compress the difference file
    --clean   c     clean-up the environment
    --help    h     read informations about this script

If you specify "dev" as second parameter, you are referring
to a version from the "Developing" branch of FlatNuke